WordPress Support Service

  • 8th October 2013
Hi,  Billyhost is now providing a special WordPress support service for those who don't have the time, or don't fully understand how to ensure thier WordPress site is secure and upto date. Not everyone knows how to backup WordPress Content, how to make sure plugins are upto date, along with themes and Wordpress itself. To take adavntage of ...
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New Domain Name Pricing!

  • 5th May 2013
I wanted to share with you that Billyhost has negotiated better pricing on domain names, and that means savings to you! If you purchase domain names some place else because of price, please check with us first. If you live in Canada, the old price was $30.00 for a .ca domain, with our new pricing structure, that same domain is now $19.95, you save ...
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Billyhost Knowledgebase

  • 14th August 2012
Hi All,  We have been adding to the Knowledgebase here at Billyhost, this is where you can find basic answers to troubling questions. If there is something you wish to learn or know how to do at Billyhost, please submit a ticket to support so we can add the How To instructions in the knowledgebase.  This is just one more way we can make ...
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