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WordPress Themes

One of the greatest features WordPress has to offer are the themes, which are pre designed and coded templates that you are easily able to upload and enable on your site. WordPress, along with thousands of developers, have made tens of thousands of different types of WordPress themes, all with unique characteristics, styles and layouts for your site. WordPress allows users to easily add whatever theme they wish, which is another reason many web site owners choose WordPress. WordPress themes are either developed by a company specializing in WordPress, or by a specific individual user..

As WordPress themes are developed by third party personnel, the usage and implementation of such themes is solely at your own risk. Importing a theme that has improper coding, is out of date, or is not compatible with your WordPress installation can result in many unwanted errors such as, but not limited to:

  1. Disabling access to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Errors seeing your site completely
  3. Damaged databases
  4. Damaged site content

Due to these factors, once again, the use of any third party WordPress theme is at your sole risk. Billyhost cannot fix your broken theme, nor can we guarantee your theme will work. Additionally, some themes may “work” but may also have issues with CPU usage which can lead to 500 internal server errors and even a suspension of your website for excessive CPU usage.

If you run into any issues after installing a bad theme, don't worry, Billyhost can still help you. We can assist you in removing the bad theme, however we may not be able to repair the damage that may have resulted from activating it. We recommend you make a backup of your WordPress from within your WordPress dashboard before you add or activate a new theme.

We do recommend Headway Themes, you can order the framework here at Billyhost, merely add it to your webhosting order, or you can order it in your client area after you have registered.

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