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In the NEW WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, you can Clone your website, it automatically creates a sub-domain called Once your site has been cloned, you can now make changes to your staging site. Once you have finished your changes, you will be ready to Copy your staging changes to your LIVE Production website. There are some settings you will need to change in order for the Copy Data Tool to work properly. See the image below for the settings that work for Billyhost.

Under the Location section select your target URL:

As you see in the image, the source is your staging / development site. The Target is the URL of the site you want push to, in this image it's our LIVE Production website.

In the Data to Copy section do the following:

Make sure you check & uncheck the settings you see to the ones in this image. There are two changes, check Remove Missing Files.

Under the Database Tables section:

Uncheck below in the Database Tables section, the EXCEPT: wp_postmeta, wp_posts, wp_usermeta, and wp_users.

Then under Restore section, click on the start button to start your Copy Data.

Copy Data

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