How To Log Into Webmail

How to log into Webmail?

Webmail is a great feature offered by cPanel. You can access email from any PC connected to the Internet. There are two ways to log into webmail supplied with cPanel.
  1. Access webmail via cPanel (Administrator Access Only)
  2. Access webmail via direct link. (For Email Users) (directions below)

Access Webmail via Direct Link

To access the webmail directly, type the following information into the browser.

If the domain name has propagated type:

Substitue your primary domain or an addon domain name for


Substitute your primary domain name where it says in the examples. This method does not work for addon domains.

You can also access it by going through the default webmail port number of 2095 as in the following example.

If the domain has propagated type:

Once you go to the address above, you will be prompted for your user name and password. Be aware, it is not asking you for your cPanel user name and password.
All email account user names look just like the email address.

Please note that the login name and password are case-sensitive, and must appear as they display in your control panel.

In the user name section, type your full e-mail address (example: In the password section, provide the password which you provided when you created the email account. Then hit enter. You are now logged into webmail.

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